We are in the time of the natural and organic. We care a lot about eating healthy, recycling and acquiring products that take care of the environment and of course our health. But being healthy and eco-friendly doesn't just mean food and cleaning products, and many times we don't pay attention to the personal care products we use.

Not to say that unnatural skin products are bad, but natural is often better for your health. Many times for reasons of money, speed or confidence we prefer to use products with well-known names without realizing that many of them contain chemicals that ultimately have harmful effects on our health.

Colorants, preservatives, parabens, flavorings, fragrances, chlorine, fluorine, solvents, BPA are some of the chemicals that are added to personal care products and that are harmful to our health. The good thing is that we can always opt for natural alternatives that are usually similar in price to conventional products.

Some of the many benefits of natural cosmetics:

  1. They are not tested on animals.
  2. They do not contain synthetic aromas.
  3. They adapt better to our skin.
  4. They reduce the risk of allergies.
  5. They are free of chemical components and petroleum products.
  6. They have higher quality control and safety criteria.