Most hair products sold in supermarkets contain chemical compounds that can be detrimental to your hair health. Don't let their scents and textures distract you and read on to find out which ingredients in hair products can harm your hair, rather than help it.

Products that use chemicals and synthetic components can have negative effects on hair health. Not only do they damage hair, but they can also accelerate hair loss.

A good example would be a product to achieve a smooth perm. What it really causes is the alteration of the natural structure of the hair, aggressively breaking the molecules to achieve the desired effects.

Another example is shampoos. Many of them achieve the desired cleanliness of the hair, but thanks to the fact that they expose the scalp to alterations in its normal PH.

The components of these products (such as heavy metals, parabens or sodium lauryl sulfate) can cause dryness, weaken hair follicles and can even cause allergic reactions.

We advise avoiding or using products containing these chemicals as little as possible. In this way, your hair will always remain healthy.